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Guides, Playbooks & Templates   *NEW*

These resources are one way SSS can help you kickstart and scale your Support team and operations on your own timeline. Spend more time making an impact and less time reinventing the wheel. 


Our Playbooks and Templates distill best practices and years of experience into as effective of a resource as possible so that all you need to do is make slight modifications, adding or subtracting where you see fit to make sure it aligns with your organization. The goal here is to provide your team with a healthy foundation from which to start, and quickly. 


The Support Operations Audit guides you through our most popular service with a step-by-step workbook. The result is a better understanding of any "blind spots" your team may have and a prioritized list of action items based on your goals. 


Startup founders have unique consulting needs in this space as they are often wearing many or all of the hats for some time and that includes starting Support teams. With this in mind, we created the Founders Guide to share insights and recommendations on commonly asked questions and concerns. 

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Coaching sessions are a great resource for those who are new to managing, new to Support, looking to upskill, and/or frequently challenged with new scenarios, especially at a fast-paced start-up. We’ll discuss best practices, soundboard, share resources, and deep dive into any particular topics or themes that are a priority.


Choose a package with a predefined path based on your goals, or we can create one together. Our goal is for you to feel equipped and empowered to lead with confidence, authenticity, and impact.


We exist to transform your Support team from a reactive cost-center to a purposeful and efficient revenue-driving function. Where would you like help?



Planning | Recruiting, Onboarding and Retention | Leadership



Implementations and Integrations | Automation | Process | Training | Documentation



Team Building | Communication | Professional Development | Product Feedback and Lifecycle Management | Seasonal and After Hours Coverage



Milestone Tracking and Communication | Reviews | Workflow Optimization

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