Not sure where to start? Here are some ways Solid Support Strategy can help you reach your goals:

Support Operations

Ever wish you could wave your magic wand and have all of those improvements and investments you've been wanting to make just ... appear? This is the next best thing! 

From strategic to tactical, we'll work together to gain a deep understanding of your team's needs and get you there. 


What is Support Ops? Think tooling, workflows, processes, etc. - everything your team needs to get the job done efficiently and effectively. 

Custom Hiring &
Onboarding Plans

Hiring and onboarding is a time-consuming, resource-intense process. You also want to be intentional, set clear expectations and be respectful of candidates. It's tough to create a fair, consistent, effective and scale-able process when you are already constrained, though. 

Choose to include anything from job description creation to 30/60/90 day success benchmarks and everything in between. 

Internal & External Documentation

All of your writing needs, including:

  • Internal documentation

  • Customer-facing knowledgebase articles

  • Technical writing

  • Product release notes

  • Blog posts

Implementations & Integrations

Whether migrating helpdesks, just getting set up in your first portal or looking to implement a new tool to your workflow, Solid Support Strategy can lend a helping hand. Products like Zendesk, HelpScout, Hubspot, Jira, Github and others are all very familiar!

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